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I absolutely love Jade. I was so excited to see that I was guided to find a bangle with same colours!

This particular Jade is only found in the Bursa Province in Turkey. It is more expensive than any other hues of Jade except Imperial Jade. The oldest Jade has been found in China dating about 7000 BC, for many unearthed sites find that ancient peoples carved Jade into simple jewelry all the way to tools and weapons. That explains to me why it is so integral to the Chinese culture.

It’s so important that there is a Chinese proverb that reads…

“Gold has a price, Jade is priceless”…💚

LAVENDER JADE MOON (8” x 8”) 💚🤍💜

  • I do anticipate certain costs due to varied international shipping rates, but if additional higher costs incur, I will contact my international customers immediately.

    Thank you,

    LaVonne Nicole ☀️🌙✨

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